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Meet Our Team

Annette Bentley Smith

Lead-Publisher, Best-Selling Author, Mom, Nanna

    Annette Bentley Smith is a Georgia-born children’s book author of fictitious, realistic books for children ages 6-12. She’s the wife of a jack of all trades, the mother of two young adults, and the grandmother of a beautiful and bright ten-year-old little girl. Her grand doll Melody Rayne is now her latest and greatest inspiration for her stories. In the mix of learning about how to be a writer and getting published, she experimented with various occupations: Cashier, Massage Therapist, File Clerk, Computer Operator, and working from home as a Virtual Sale Agent… But her favorite thing to do now is the one she’s doing writing for children. She does her best writing in her home when there is total silence. However, when she is out and about and her surroundings give her an idea for a story, no matter what paper is around, she quickly jots it down. She completed her latest book Nyrah’s Bully (Publisher- AnneCorp Literary Works) which is one of seven while sitting in a doctor’s office for two hours. Yes, she still writes her stories on paper, before typing them up. She feels closer to her stories that way. Annette loves writing her stories in a way that will educate, entertain and give children a temporary escape into a think outside of the box adventure.

Annette Bentley Smith
Danniel Senior Pic2.jpg
Danniel M Smith

Moderator and Writing Assistant

Danniel M Smith is a people person, athletic, and loves going to the movies. He helped Annette write these and other stories you will see in the future. He uses the knowledge he has learned in school, assisting in keeping the stories interesting and fun for readers. He is an inspiration for the books you will read.
Melody & Danmario

Lead-Publisher, Best-Selling Author, Mum, GrandMum

Melody her grand doll & Danmario, her son, are also inspirations for Mrs. Annie's books. Melody is a vibrant, loving and imaginative little girl, with the same think outside of the box personality as her dad and Nanna. She's very animated in her thoughts and actions. At the age of five, she informed her Nanna that she wanted to be an author, too!

Danmario is an artist and jack of all trades at such a young age. He thinks more outside of the box than most.

Inspirations for future books are her husband 

Danny, her mother Bernice, her Aunt Mary, family and friends.


Our Illustrators

Nina Vanessa B. Pontillas
Niña Vanessa B. Pontillas
Cebu, Philippines
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