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Kobe Specifications:

Kobe, the Koala Bear, is a 16" tall soft, comfortable plush koala bear that is also a pillow, which allows a parent or caregiver to record messages that can be played back to comfort children when they cannot be nearby. Kobe recites five original stories by Mrs. Annie about bullying, fostering dogs, wearing braces, horse therapy, and recycling! He will play four soothing melodies to help your child sleep. It has a headphone jack as a quieter option for children to listen to stories, music, and messages. 


Here's how Kobe works:

RIGHT EAR will trigger 5 stories that total 45 minutes. 
First press=PLAY
Second press=Next
Press and hold button 3 seconds=RESUME

LEFT EAR will trigger 4 songs that total 10 minutes. 

First press=PLAY

Second press=Next

Press and hold button 3 seconds=RESUME

LEFT PAW/FOOT is the PAUSE button and Power on/off button. It will work with any of the playback buttons illustrated above. First press, power on, 
When there is a sound playing, press it, Pause, seconds press, Play. Press and hold button 3 seconds=Power off.


RIGHT HAND is where you play your downloaded files.

LEFT HAND is the volume button

Will automatically shutdown after a  minutes, for keeping battery power.


**Suggest using GOOD batteries.** Requires 3 AAA batteries


Mrs. Annie's Personal Suggestion:

It is super essential and hard to get kids to read these days with everything competing for their attention. I've developed a fun and easy way for you as parents to foster a love of reading that will turn a reluctant reader into a child who reads for pleasure. Additionally, parents, you will always appreciate products that entertain kids without relying on screens. Plushies are always popular and universally loved by children. Recent articles have detailed that even millennials are still attached to their childhood teddy bears. Kobe is perfect for reading bedtime or naptime stories because it allows your children to use it as a pillow after being read to, keeping kids entertained and comforted. 


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