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Kobe is a multi-functional plush toy for you, your children and grandchildren.  When your child wants to read, Kobe will be your child's favorite friend to read along with. He will make storytime a cuddly adventure.


Kobe is a storytime friend that reads your children five books, plays soothing, download your own stories, songs, and messages, and they will find comfort in him.  Sons and daughters can cuddle with Kobe and enjoy. As parents and grandparents you will be able to read along together.


A friend with a story is a friend indeed!


For Ages 3+

Kobe's Story-Time Plush Tales


    ***When you receive your bear, you will need to turn it on. Look on the bottom right side of Kobe. Open the Velcro pouch. There is a white module on the inside. Push the black switch to the on position. Switch to the off position to save your batteries when not in use. It will also automatically shut off after a few seconds, but you will still need to turn the switch off for longer lasting battery power. ***

    On/Off: Press and hold the button on the left foot.

    Pause: Press once on the left foot.

    To Play Stories: Press the button on the right ear. To skip to the next story, press again. (Can’t be deleted)

    To Play Music: Press the button on the left ear. To skip to the next song, press again. (Can’t be deleted)

    To Download: Upload your files to computer. Connect the USB cord to the computer. Turn Kobe on, then connect the cord to Kobe. You will hear a sound that lets you know it’s connected. USB drive (D) will pop up on your computer. Download your files, then unplug the cord from Kobe. Press his right hand to play your files. You can delete what was pre-recorded. You can also delete your files to add new ones.

    Volume: Press and hold the left hand.

    Kobe will automatically shutdown after several minutes, for keeping battery power.


    **I Suggest using GOOD batteries.**

    Requires 3 AAA batteries

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