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The worst thing to face in school is a bully. Nyrah, and her sister Rayne, have to face this reality in their first year of elementary school.Brooklyn, a fifth grader, knows nothing else but to bully others, and Nyrah was her target. How long would she get away with it? Apparently, she didn't care. She felt that Nyrah deserved it.Would Brooklyn finally get a wake-up call and learn to be friends? Will Nyrah have to seek help? If so, from who?This heartfelt story will provide a wonderful lesson in facing bullying in school and how to handle it. Also, "Nyrah's Bully" shows the importance of dealing with bullying before it gets out of control and what can happen when it does.Education regarding this subject should begin early, and it is essential that the entire family get involved in supporting and encouraging young ones who are victims. It is also important that the aggressor is counseled regarding his or her actions and learns to rectify the harm caused. An enlightening message for both children and parents.

Nyrah's Bully

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