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Kobe's Story-Time Plush Tales


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For the young and the young at heart!

Our Kobe is not just a toy, it is a 
Comfort &  Wellness Toy



From The Parenting experts

Beyond cuddling, these fuzzy creatures are uniquely capable of dampening psychological trauma, studies suggest, and replacing absentee parents.

Corrine Sweet

What Clients Say About Kobe

"He's so cute!"

"Loving this for you, Love Kobe!" 
"I would like to get one of those, depending on the cost maybe two."
 "He looks great!"

"It's adorable!"

"Love it"

From my mind to yours!

Our Books


Read and Imagine!

Storytime Bedsheet by Guangzhou Pingio Home Products pillow case 1.jpg

Your Child's Bed Can be Turned into One BIG Book!

Cozy sheet sets  that  has an entire story about bullying printed on it!


Want to see how the StoryTime Sheet Set works?
Check Out This Demo...

Children in Library

Because YOU are our  future...

I am Mrs. Annie...

I was born in Georgia and am known for being the inventor of plush toys and story-time bed sheets. In addition to that, I am a passionate children's book author, with expertise in both fiction and realistic stories catering to children aged 6-12. I take great pride in my role as a wife to a versatile individual, a mother to two grown sons, and a grandmother (lovingly known as Nanna) to a bright and beautiful twelve-year-old girl.

Throughout my journey of becoming a writer and achieving publication, I explored various occupations, including working as a cashier, massage therapist, file clerk, computer operator, private home health aide, and even as a Virtual Sales Agent from home. However, my true passion lies in writing for children and creating products tailored specifically to their needs.

My ultimate goal is to inspire children through my products and stories, encouraging them to embrace their creativity, foster strong family connections, and let their imaginations soar to unimaginable heights. With my plush toy invention, I strive to provide a sense of security for both children and adults, offering relief from anxiety, easing physical tension, reducing stress, promoting better sleep, and even boosting their mood.

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