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Ages 3+

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For The Young & The Young at Heart! 

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From The Parenting experts…

"Beyond cuddling, these fuzzy creatures are uniquely capable of dampening psychological trauma, studies suggest, and replacing absentee parents."

–Psychologist Corrine Sweet
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What Clients Say About Kobe

"He's so cute!"  "Loving this for you, Love Kobe!", "He looks great!"
It's adorable!" "Love it" "I would like to get one of those, depending on the cost maybe two."
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Want to see how the StoryTime Sheet Set works?
Check Out This Demo...

Children in Library

Because YOU are our FUTURE...

I am Mrs. Annie...

I LOVE writing entertaining stories so that children can temporarily escape into a "think outside of the box" adventure. This is my reason for wanting to become a children’s book author. There is so much going in the world today. Children need a positive distraction and I want to be that needed, positive distraction. I saw a nine-year-old boy read my book about divorce. Tears began to flow from his eyes. That solidified my passion to write what I have written and to write in a style that is unique and will immediately set me in my own world.

I create interesting characters who may stay with children long after they’ve finished the story. Some of my stories may be real, but written fictitiously, with a light educational touch. I write in a way that my books will become tools that will help your children grow in literacy love and laughter. My mission is for my stories to be your children’s favorite books to pick up and read. My books are aligned around a city to city strategy called “Get Hooked on Mrs. Annie’s Books” which center on an exceptional reader experience. I want you and your city to be on this adventure with me. I am committed to continuously improving my stories and enhancing your child/children’s experience. I want my stories to inspire your children to become creative and allow their imaginations to run as far it will take them. I know a lot of you encourage your child/children to develop a good reading routine. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your child is somewhere curled up in a corner, rocking on the porch swing, lying across their bed, sitting under a tree or sitting in your lap reading a unique, warm, refreshing, diverse, thought provoking, and wholesome book, rather than getting into mischief.

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