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Mrs Annie's Newest Book is Available! Sam and Mel: A Horse Story

Have you heard of “Take your child to work day?” Well, Mel, a bright, smart, and caring little five-year-old girl, went to work with her dad. She had no idea that she would fall in love with a horse named Sam. He was used to children. He was part of a special program to help them with emotional and behavioral problems. When Mel met Sam, they immediately discovered they were kindred spirits. They formed a special bond, a bond so special that they were literally able to talk to each other! Sam helped her learn to behave, trust, talk about her feelings and be responsible. One day, Mel went to visit Sam, but he was no longer there! What happened to him? Will Mel see Sam again? She began to cry, but her dad was able to soothe her fears and change them to cheers!

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